About Us

A boy born in an Indian Hindu family was brought up by his parents and grandparents in Haryana. Just like living in a joint family, he used to be pampered by his relatives. He learned about the benefits of their culture and ancient Ayurveda from his grandmother. His grandma used to treat him with simple ayurvedic remedies whenever he fell ill. But like any other ambitious kid, when he grew up he left his hometown and went to Gurugram for further studies in Law. Yeah, when you leave your home you face so many problems like living on your own, making your bed, cooking your own food, washing your own clothes, in short, living on your own. Like any other person, he used to buy things from the market for his basic daily needs. Gradually he started facing health problems and changes like hair loss, skin problems, digestion issues, and loss of energy. Consequently, he became sedentary and lost concentration and enthusiasm for his lifestyle. But wait, there's a change in this story! He was very upset with his problems and one day when he was discussing his problems with his grandmother he got to know that the root cause of all of his problems was depending on the harmful chemically processed products. Learning from his Ayurvedic roots he started treating himself and got solutions to his problems. That day Vedayuu was born. He went on a mission to deliver natural toxin-free Ayurvedic products to help common people like him live an affordable and a naturally healthy lifestyle.